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Fivers and Fat

So, i am sat in my living room with my brother, sister and mother and we are watching the very over rated film 'Matilda'. Me and my sister are saying every single word along with the characters as we used to watch it every single night before we went to bed. Please don't ask why, we just had that wierd film taste when we were young.
So ive been scowering the net for a new phone that takes my fancy. At the moment i am coming round to the new 'samsung wave'. It includes everything i'd ever want a phone to have except it's competition is the very outspoken 'iphone4'. The only difference is the name/shape and the way you can add apps to an iphone. thats about it. I'm not a big phone geek but ive been reading up on things and i've come to the conclusion that i'd need a good camera on whatever phone i deemed worthy. That way i can upload loads more pictures on this here blog.

I love it when a get a random fiver from a family member. This morning my uncle presented me one and i must admit anyone would have thourght my expression to be overlooking a micropig holding up a sign saying 'ily'. Random fivers are just such a cute little enjoyment i think we all have to admit we love recieving. Obviousy they're a let down in a bithday card; i do agree with that.

The 'no macdonalds' diet has, well failed completly as on friday i had consumed two within 6 hours. How bad's 'at!

Having touched upon a few other blogs lately  i realise that mine are quite short. But longer blogs are rarely read espesially if theyre people that ramble one about crap. So i do insist you continue reading till the end.

Another thing, when did fat become the new thin? Well not fat but, you know, cuuurvy. BBC3's new tv show ''Mongrels'' highlighted that fact when a puppet dog named destiny sang a song about it. 'Ugly people are beautiful too' it was named, and it was a complete mick take but had some truth behind it. There was a line about how Gok Wan has made men want the curvy girls and sure enough he has. My guy always insists that curves are better and even though i ramble 'oo im fat' when that skirt just wont pull round my bum perfectly i know deep down i'm not and actually the curves flatter me. I don't like the fact that i don't look like those PERFECT women in magazines and even the wierd ones on the topshop website, which we all admit don't look nice. Yes, maybe in fashion but look like they've been auditioning for the backing dancers in Micheal Jackson's ''Thriller'' video.  I like to think my fashion sense is a little different to the crowd - not ALOT like some, but i certainly do not fit into any category i've ever heard of.  ....I just want to be a size 10 again, but my waist and boobs do not agree with my mind and focus on becoming bigger rather than more compatible. Jeese.

So it's 8 days now until exam results i think which gives me all the more reason to comfort eat. Great.

Macdonalds: more than ronald himself
New phones decided on: 0

Speak soon, x

Apple crumbles + Purple baths

So im sat in my kitchen after having 'popped' down to my nans to drop off an apple crumble- of which ive made a bout a million off. Whoever knew having an apple tree in your garden could cause such a fuss? Im so tempted to walk all the way to macdonalds right now, i havent had a proper gorge on one in a while apart form when i went to the cinema to see 'Toy Story 3' which was a great movie. Taking the little brother and sister went down well actually - way better than i thourght it would have gone.

Just a special mention to say Happy Birthday to a bezza named Mezza   :)   <3 i will get you a microwave.

Recently days are going past so quickly and they seem so boring! Soon i shall meet up with my boy best mate named Alpesh :)   He's wanting to watch the shawshank redemption which i happen to have on dvd , Were going to make lucy watch it with us,

Try mixing sweet and sour sauce with BBQ sauce when u go to macdonalds next - dip chips in it. Trust me - its amazing.

Seems old habbits die hard when trying to go on a healthy food diet.

Ive been staying in bed till 12:00 each morning, and going to sleep at about 3:00 am. my body clock is all wrong and its just making the holidays go faster. Im sure many others feel the same !

Ive got to go now, mum's cooking something and it smells really nice- im gunna wanna try that before anyone else does.

Crap Vault partys : 1
Macdonalds: 1
Purple baths taken due to hair dye running when your sat in it: lots.

Speak soon, x

Got that Sunday feeling

On Friday, i was invited, by my boyfriend, to watch his band play at 'Quigleys' - the irish pub in town - and upon doing so it poured down like god was not just having a shower but giving his car a good old wash aswell. I enjoyed the night, sitting around having a good old coke with a few mates, and having a chat with the boyfriend's twin's girlfriend 'Maddy'. We stood to watch 'our twins' play songs which half of we did not know the words for, but had fun anyway.

Saturday i went to town yet again, just to get out of the house. I went with colleen after Lucy declined the offer with having just got back off holiday. I did not have a macdonalds and just sat in the asda cafe eating a pasta salad and some mango slices along with a tropicana. I then walked to joels and we went to mine. He's being so loved up lately it's unreal! I'ts nice when hes being all sweet , a change from what weve been like the past few months. I can safely say we are back to how we were before, and that i have great pride in saying. <3

My two besties are still complete twats .


Today is so boring. Sat watching stupid sci-fi movies, which make no sense on a typical depressed sunday atmosphere while nibbing on food that is just left on the fridge becuz no shops are open past 4 today. I really want a ben and jerry's right now. And im not even that depressed.

Kisses: lots
Gigs attended: 1
Mcdonalds eaten: 0

speak soon, x


The audacity.

I made coconut ice last night to which made me and my mum smile quite a lot.  Its little pink layer sat comfortable on top of the white one just melts in the mouth. Thinking about it, coconut ice is very bad for your health. it has sooo much sugar in it yet nobody seems to care when something tastes as good as this. This made me think aout life.
Why is it we dont care when something seems so good. We ignore what the reality is and , as the old saying goes, look at it through rose tainted glasses. Theres somethings in my life which i know i shouldnt be part of, Yet, it seems so nice i just can't break the ice - ( coconut ice ;)   

Ive been to town two days in a row and it seems so dull. The only highlight is Macdonalds-no, really.
And why is it everyone always feels the need to go to asda whilst being in town, even if they dont really want anything but a walk around? - Before Asda was even built in Rugby, nobody would trek to Tesco with thier mates just to have a walk round!

Boys are so difficult! I can never actually understand what they mean or want. Its rediculas.I always end up being the one apologising even when i havent done anything drastic. It seems they sit on their high horse and never jump down. Thats another thing i wanted to mumble on about--

After being with my guy for a year and two months now, (without the rough patch)  i realised that he never does things automatically now. Okay ill give him the occasional let off but lemme finish-- Picture the scene. A scary film is on, Im sat there, so is he. A backpacker ( in the movie of course) is walking through a forest alone. Theres a movement in the trees.  A noise, A SCREAM -- and my guy just laughs. I get no 'arm around to protect' or any ' ''itll be alright'' ' . All i get is a 'Dyu want a coke?'      Yep. it seems romance for this generation has changed dramatically. From buying roses to a bag of chips-Boys just cannot impress their girlfriends anymore. Back up - okay maybe they can once in a multicoloured moon. (i say multicoloured not blue because i have actually noticed the moon can look blue sometimes and never looks multicoloured).

ive dyed my hair red :) this seems random but yes i did it for a change and god i like it! i want to go even redder and will do soon.

Kisses: Lots
Friends lost: one - not by choice i may add
Hair coloured: once
les-ba-non kisses: 0
Movies watched: lost count.

Speak soon, x


About blogs

I realised today that everything is going to be okay.

I pondered over whether to write a handwritten diary from now through to the summer but it occured to me that typing was by far easier and more enjoyable. You have to admit, slamming your softened fingertips down on the clicky keys to take pleasure in the fact that you know there's a word you're about to type in which you can type extra fast and the enjoyment goes on and on. Its thrilling

Although, sad as it may seem, i suppose people write blogs because it does have a meaning. To provide ourselves in a clear conscience, and the thourght that it feels like someone out there is listening. Maybe people don't even read my blogs, i wouldn't care, it's theraputic for the writer , not the reader. I myself am not a big fan of reading blogs but of writing them :)

Summer seems to be running up fast, and it's becoming quite scary. After the holidays, a more ordered way of life begins again and i will have fallen into so much of a comfort zone by then.               I have one exam left next but not this wednesday. I did a history one today. It went pretty crap. Having only wrote three pages summing up basically my last five school years the teacher's efforts in which to shove knowledge down my throat has failed and therefore i realise i have wasted many hours of my life leaning over a desk trying to sneakily eat whilst desperate for the toilet and having to sit next to the most awful people when i could have just skipped them all had i known what a poor effort my final exam has been produced with. Gawd.

So as you gather, my life seems laboured with school and then i come home only to type into a journal which is basicallly creative writing almost repeating an English lesson and here i am being a hippocrite. But they never let you write what you want to write about at school. I suppose it's because the majority of students just, well, don't like writing!

I told myself i would not write long blogs beacause people wouldnt read them as much. But as i said earlier: they are more for the writer than the reader.

The yoga biz has failed for a few days.
The boyfriend biz - cannot quote as yet.
The ben and; jerrys have been needed- once
Kisses: lots :P

I never did start a hand written diary tonight. Too much effort; and the keys tapping = gorgeous!

Speak soon, x

New word used: Ruggermuffins + update

So it's exam week. Thats pretty much my mood summed up for you and with the boyrfriend not being too enthusiastic on the phone my mood has just dimmed.
i was feeling especially smiley today after doing some art and then i rang him to make things even betttttterrr. urgh boys and their moods. now passed on to me!

my healthy yoga streak is still going good, ive had my 5 a day everyday for a week now and its all going gravy.

the world cup starts tomorrow at 2:30 and so i have found out i have an exam at 2 which is ruggermuffins :@

I have a new love for the american tv chat show 'Maury' as it makes me laugh- and cry, and i have recently watched 'drag me to hell' in which a small kitten gets murdered which is the only thing in the film tht has stayed with me upon watching it.

I cannot wait until tomorrow night. no exams for two days and i get to spend the evening with my guuuy 

This loud house although annoying has been my , whats the word, equilibrium for the past few days. Honestly ive never loved home so much. Theres always that day where you sit there, that evening in particular fact, and you think to yourself - all i need is my fam, home, friends and my guy. end of!

So big brother's on at 10 :D its amaze when you really get into it. No i am not a snob and oppose the program it is pure addictive and it reminds me of a couple of years ago when i was in a previous bedroom and i remember it was summer and that was one of the best summers of my life. i kept a diary of EVERY SINGLE DAY. i remember one night sitting up in bed dreaming of having a bf - yeh i was a gaybo - and then writing it in my diary hoping it would come true. It did and im so bloody glad its who ive got. <3

Summary for this week:
Exams: lost count
Kisses: lots from my guuuy
Friends gained: 1, no 2
Use of fake tan: 3 times
Scary fillms watched: 2 (jeepers 2 and drag me)
Happiness level: 8/10 :)    (9 would be win the lottery and 10 would be no worries AT ALL)

The yoga biz has gone well.
So's the relationship biz.
And im pleased to reveal no ben and jerrys has been needed as yet!

Speak sooon, x


It has come to my usually ignorant attention that i am very unhealthy. I discovered this whilst eating the second chinese take-away in a row with my bezza lucy mezza. So i set myself a new target - which miss cheney and her chickens have been trying to hammer into our heads for years - although mine was not about school work, but about my diet and so i have decided to become so much more healthy. I also want to loose the muffin top hanging not so gracefully over my jeggin's and to do this i have got out the dusty yoga kit box at the back of my wardrobe and last night managed to do some aerobics and yoga for 45 mins before then diving down into my bed for a nice taste of family guy. Whilst treading into narnia to collect my yoga kit i discovered a sports bra which made me want to start running. My ipod always moans that i never use it to its full potential and now i shall - but im short of running trainers which hopefully i shall get soon.

My actual kit - just so you know im not kidding

I took my little sister to Cov today - her first trip on a train. A trip i shall never make again. Mind u there is an awkward age gap between us. Shes 12 and im 16. so theres nothing we have in common to talk about other than we both like prawns covered in vinegar. I did however somehow enjoy taking her out and sitting in macdonalds laughing about past times-made up for lost times. And yes you did just read correctly. I did ruin my healthy streak by scoffing a much deserved Macdonalds. i do swear however to cut down as i did feel rather guilty swallowing every last devilish bite.

I was reading a recent diary of mine which i stopped writing a few weeks ago. one of the last entrys however made me miss my guuuy.

''Friday 16th April 2010    01:55

He has just left and i cant stop crying. His hand prints never manage to fade. When he went he left a warm patch on the sofa. So im sitting in it. Thers's still two glasses on the table which makes me feel so lonely. He told me i'm gorgeous today. I want him back so much. I don't feel like talking. xxx"

I promise myself i'll never take him for granted.
Just like macdonalds fries and cheeseburgers.

As for the yoga biz i hope it stays part of my life for a while.

Speak soon, x

Coombe + Geeeek club + Exam


so, on sunday, just to update, a lot of us went up coombe abbey, probably about a 3rd of the year 11s. it was toasting hot and i found myself annoyed at the fact i had not got with me a bikini. yes, in England i had 'forgot' my bikini. My suncream worked a little too well as i did not even get burned let alone a tan. Let down.  Me and a few of us enjoyed listening to Bradley while he gave us a tour of coombe abbey, and showed us where the bird watching hut is. Altough that seems pretty stupid it was halarious as when we got to the bird watcing hut there was only a swan in which to 'watch' which made us decide that we would no longer like to be bird pervs but to move on to the rest of the group. After that most of us went to connors to go in his pool. With make-up running and boys splashing constantly we failed to stay there very long.


On monday Me, Joel, Bradley, Lucy and Colleen, got together at bradleys house and had a geek club study group. This actually benifitted us alot (which we found out today-get to that later)  and we had a bit of fun whilst reading out poems in stupid accents and such. Topped off with a bag of chips between us and then coming home to watch the England match before finally seeking the bed early (1:00 AM) before a very important exam. which leads me to today.


English Lit exam. Went fairly well. Im hoping that i have my B anyway.
Then went up St Andrews. Nothing much going on there.
Went to colleens with lucy and lauren to watch jeremy kyle and come dine with me and then finding myself collecting brother from school. Anyway im off now to go see Lucyyyy.

Further Updates:

Me and him are back together !!

Super yay!

Speak soon, x


Beautiful weather/Dead cat/Prom

So for once in England i can well and truly say that it is HOT, and it seems like i am abusing that privalige by sitting indoors on this. But that is only because i am not breaking the 'dont-go outside-without-having-a-shower' rule that i have now kept up for a number of years. However this morning i did break that rule. i walked the guuuuy to his footy training, and merrily (and pretty fast if i do say so) ran home as if i was father christmas convicted of being a peadophile. yes it was pretty dammmn fast.
it has come to my attention that i have no summer clothes in which to wear today. whatta let down. :(

however my chirpy mood was not present when i woke up today. My cat was found ran over on the side of the road earlier and me and the guuuuy had to go out and pick it up in a sheet. it felt like picking up a sack of bones-just thourght id add :)

it was the one named lacy - god bless - but it is not like i do not have any other cats to take my mind of it. i have 6 left now.

(of which my favourite is fluffy mckenzington the 1st) proudly named by yours truely.

this event however did make me realise how much i did love my pets but i did not cry.  done enough of that lately!

im sat on a bean bag as always, wandering what to do today. everyones so busy apparently-well according to facebook anyway. but then again it seems that website rules peoples lives now. Your only going out with sum1 officialy if its on facebook. oh yes it has got that serious! For the past couple of weeks ive noticed pretty much everyone either having tiffs or breaking up with thier boyfriend, is it just that time of year? Fuwk knows but i however have come to realise my addiction to the site.

I have to check it at least once a day and i still to this moment dont know why i do. its more or less a tool to help you be nosey  - for those of us who love to hear the goss why not just read up on an arguement sum1 has posted online clearly only so that others read it.

my nan's always saying 'dont hang your dirty washing out in public' and yes, she has a good point.

it seems like years since the prom when in fact it was only 22 days ago, which saddens me because other schools have got theirs yet to come and ours was particulary early. But i am pretty pleased that we all looked pretty damn good ;)
You have no idea how hard it is to find a turquoise / blue tie which is skinny. i swear to god i went to every shop in cov.

my best mate lucy , featured above in red looking stunning. usually the same height as me but as i am taller than my guuuy - for the purposes of a good photo, i had to bend down ,   (note the knee sticking out of my dress halfway down)

as for updates, seeing as we live by facebook now, my relationship status may be changing shortly :D

speak soon, x

Maybe had too much, Maybe said too much


i sat in maths bored without the slighest intention of doing anything but wandering why he wasnt sat next to me for the second time in a row.
i decided that he wanted nothing more to do with me and so gave in with wishing.
then miss cheney came to the door and miss anounced that was it - we were now going out into the big wide world - without a sodding clue what to do next. its scary knowing youre no longer at school.

after school everyone wen up st andrews in which a few events occured from the colossal amounts of alcohol being devoured comsumed and any other posh words to do with swallowing.
i dont regret anything i did because mistakes arnt mistakes - theyre lessons on how to improve next time.

getting home at god knows what time i returned with a mate who simply could not get home and woke up to today feeling as what can be described as nothing but pure shite.

today: (thursday)

got up - feeling shite - walked to ashlawn to collect a key - walked all the way to town - then to the mates - then met up with few mates in town - then met HIM. yes, HIM. no more shall be said as yet  :)
then stayed out till 10 round such as caldecott, ken marriot and gec - basically any feild in the area with no g-starz (for lucy) hangin round.

as for a summary, a very eventful weekend , some key facts:

arguements: 4
kisses: lost count.
new friends: 7
lesbian kisses: 0
going for a pee behind a bush with a mate looking: 3

speak soon, x